Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Flea Market on Tuesday. Again.

Dave and I went to a "worlds largest garage sale" on his birthday without the kids. Some years I buy AMAZING stuff at those things, filling up my cart, making more than one trip to the car to deposit things. This year? Yea, not so much. I think I spent $10.
 I am undecided about keeping the rattles. Sammi is already hounding me for the beads.
 These are those puffy, washable baby books.
 I like these for fruit bowls on the counters.
 This grumpy bunny was irresistible for some reason.
 The guy I bought the glassware from said he bought at least 30 boxes of the stuff from the estate of someone who had retired from Monsanto.  (I am leery of glassware "on the open market" because of meth heads. Sigh.)
 This has nothing to do with this post, but I don't think I showed you one of the weirdest things I have ever thrifted! I recently picked up an entire box of crucifix fish. I didn't even know what they were until I started googling. Before Dave's parents came I was cleaning out the sewing room so I put them all out in a cloche.
 If you can look past the reflection you can see the crucifix shape in this large one.
 I am totally not into the 1970s. Or am I? This turtle purse is turtlely awesome. But maybe I will end up selling it.
 I swear every.single.garage sale and thrift store is filled with old sewing patterns. They are RARELY awesome and more of the bad 70s and 80s ilk. I only spent 10 seconds looking at this box of patterns before deciding AWESOME and snatching them up.
 There are more than 30 of them.
 Most still factory folded.

 I might sell them.
 I might just hoard them for awhile.
 (This is a keeper for Sammi.)

I see a new blog (or at least facebook) header in my future.

Naptime around here now, I better get moving!


  1. Super duper SCORE on those patterns! I never find any old ones anymore. 70s do not count.

    And Sarah, those fish bones are CREEPY.

  2. Pattern madness! I also see patterns at just about every single place I hunt for junk. They are always super cheap but since I don't sew, I never take the time to look through them. Glad you found some good ones!


  3. Those patterns are absolutely amazing. I'd love some of those dresses. Love that grumpy bunny too.


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