Thursday, April 24, 2014

Getting to know you and you and you

 Finally! The Bernina is in my possession. We are getting to know each other right now, so expect plenty of makin' here on Makin' Projiks in the coming weeks.  This machine is a dream to sew on after struggling hard core with my husky the last two years.

I have spent most of the morning working on cleaning this dress for the Etsy shop and photographing a HUGE pile of new inventory. 

I am nearing my 100th sale (hurray!). Thank you to so many of you reading along here for supporting me in this crazy venture.

Sometimes I want to keep something, like REALLY want to keep something even though I bought it to sell.
 Like this quilt I showed you last week. A blog reader (and friend!) emailed and said she would really love to buy that quilt.  I waffled for about ten minutes and agreed to sell it to her.  And then she sent me this pictures.
Look at that sweetie pie of hers! It totally belonged at her house and I lost any regret I might have had about selling it.

I was thinking that if you have bought something from the shop and finished it, or repurposed it, or are just enjoying it and have a photo that I would occasionally like to share those here. (I know Karen did an AMAZING job finishing some quilt tops she bought from me and I wish I could find the photos, send them to me again?)

If you are so inclined I would really appreciate you emailing anything you have along to me. I am betting a lot of you would like to see what happens to some of those things too!

Not only does it totally make me forget any thoughts I had about woulda, shoulda, coulda, it gives me a lot of joy to see all of you enjoying those things.

Here's hoping for the next 100 sales of spreading the fabric/linen love. :)

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