Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hippity Hop

 Baskets were filled...
 Treats were enjoyed...
 times (man, Sammi COVETS the Cadbury eggs I keep in the freezer, she went right after that thing when she spotted it in her basket)...
 Ring pops were worn...
 three (Grant showed his off in THE CUTEST way after seeing the other two doing it).
 Eggs were hunted. Church was attended. (To never be attended again. Well, not until Christmas at least. The boys WILL NOT go in the church nursery, Grant and Sam would not stop fighting, Grant and Sam were marking all over everyone's clothes with crayons, Jack was being a punk and it all culminated in Grant and Sammi getting into a kicking fight where she kicked him down and they both had huge kicking, screaming tantrums. So, yea. We walked out.)
 Ear photos were taken in the green chair.
 Times many.
 They are really cute this year.
 And I could just cry in my cheerios about Grant's face.
 Is it possible to lighten that with photoshop? I don't own photoshop or ever do that, but I love these pics and his face is so bad.
 I use these photos for everything too. The yearly books, the calendars, enlargements.
They are all getting so big already too!

Hoppy Easter to you!


  1. Happy Easter!!! Sounds crazy but it's okay. My big guy would get bumps always before pictures and my little guy would always fall flat on his face before pictures. It will always make you wince but hug them even tighter. And I know what you mean about Church. Totally not fun with the kids... lol. One day they will grow up and miss all this craziness. You are doing great and it's amazing how much they grow!

  2. poor ginty!! If you send me one of the photos, in good quality, I could edit out his little accident. Love reading your blog...


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