Monday, April 28, 2014

Made by mama - dollie and me pjs

Last week I thrifted THE CUTEST vintage kitty flannel ever. A few hours later I had matching pjs for both Sammi and her dollie cranked out.

(Why is she scrunching her neck? LOL)  She calls them her "soft kitty jammies".
We used to always sing Sheldon's soft kitty to her when she was a baby.
The doll version was EASIER than I expected. I just googled tutorial for 18 inch doll pajamas and peasant dress and then adapted the dress pattern to be a blouse.  (The patterns are all pinned on my Sewing for Sammi board I think if you need links).

Other Sammi notes:
On Daddy's birthday card she sat down and started writing her name. She made the S and the A all by herself, I helped with the M.

In the shower the other day she told me she wanted the water "hot, so I can make a cloud." This still blows my mind.

She looked at a picture of a baby Jack on the wall and said to me one day last week, "Mommy, who cut Granty's hair in that picture with the monkey?"  They do look a lot alike and how funny that she noticed the difference in hair length!


  1. What a smarty pants. Those jammies are absolutely precious. Love that fabric!

  2. That fabric is just the most precious thing ever!! Perfect for jammies.

    So impressed that she can already write those letters! Smarty girl!

  3. Awwww, Sarah, those are just adorable! The fabric is perfect for jammies -- I'll bet Sammi just loves them!

  4. So cute! Love the soft kitty jammies and that smarty pants Sammi :)


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