Thursday, May 22, 2014

Getting to know Bernadette

 I decided that I needed a super easy quilt as my first quilt on the new Bernina.  You know the routine - plenty of time to practice threading and rethreading, winding bobbins, etc. When I cleaned out my fabric before my in laws came I found a layer cake I bought a few years ago, so I sliced it up and made this.

Unlike how I usually make a quilt I did this with pretty much ZERO planning. No planned block layout, no square layout planning, etc.

It turned out okay for just being a wing it quilt. My OCD self wants to be annoyed with the red block placement. But whatever, it served the purpose.
 Of course I still need to baste it and quilt it.
 I bought this fabric on Ebay this week and it has me STUMPED.  It was billed as "vintage". It's cute, but vintage? I don't know honestly. I cannot seem to imagine what era this is from. Maybe it's not an American fabric and that's what is throwing me off? Surely a guru out there has some thoughts on it.
Since I am avoiding basting the other quilt I started a coin quilt last night.

I am making a concerted effort to sew every single day again, whether I have a plan or not.

Tomorrow is the 100 mile yard sale and Dave and I are off without the children. I CANNOT WAIT FOR A MOMENT OF QUIET. Sam is adorable and all but right now she cannot shut her lips for even 12 seconds. Ever. LOL

And it's memorial day weekend already! Welcome summer. :-)


  1. Have tons of fun on your rummage date tomorrow!!! And belated happy birthday to you. :)

  2. Wanted to let you know my package arrived safe and sound yesterday, thanks so much!

    No plan sewing can be fun, but I'm loving that little row of yellow coins. :)


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