Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let's play dress up

Last week I saw that Sue posted THE CUTEST little snail dress she found while cleaning out her attic.  I wasted not a single second in letting her know I MUST have that for Sammi girl.  She gave that one a few others to me and they arrived today, so of course, we immediately played dress up.

The parasol on this is so sweet.

This one still has it's matching bloomers, but I need to fix the elastic so they will stay on her skinny little bottom better.
(This one needs a little tee shirt under it, but I didn't have anything that worked on hand.)
Thank you so much Sue!  A sweet piece of your own childhood.  They are a great fit and I am struck by how innocent they are compared to the things on the shelves today.  We are sure to enjoy them this summer. (Perfect timing!)


  1. This is just about the sweetest modeling photo shoot I have ever seen! Sammi really knows hot to strike a pose, doesn't she?


  2. THANK You SO MUCH Sammi ( and Sarah) for giving them a Good Home!! Perfect Fit. Sammi is adorable (as always!) in them ;-) !!! Love the ruffle butt!


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