Monday, May 26, 2014

Man, this used to be a really great antique show

The St Louis symphony  holds a fundraiser every memorial day they call the "gypsy caravan".  Many years ago it was a really great, huge antique sale in various places around the city. I could never afford to buy anything but I loved looking at all the stuff you didn't usually see around here. 

Today Sammi woke me up at o'dark thirty saying she "her mouth was puking" (oh yes, fun!), so I decided to fork over the crazy $20 entry fee to get in first at 7 am.  This thing is usually so crowded and SO huge that you can't even begin to see everything. (Too hot, too crowded, too much walking, etc).

Not so this year.  I was done in an hour and fifteen minutes. I saw everything. Some of it twice.  It was a lot of vendors I already know from other flea markets. It was a lot of "as seen on pinterest" crap, err stuff. (I don't want to buy that stuff! I could make that stuff!) It was a lot of rusty stuff straight out of mexico. It was less than 50% antiques. 25% of the spots were empty.

To be honest, I would have been mad  about the $20 entry fee, but at least it supports the symphony. I guess. That $20 would have bought another quilt at a much better flea market, but whatever. (I guess. LOL)

I did manage to shove a few things in my backpack before I came back here to crazy town.
Knobs are always useful.

This photographed WAY better than it was. Those beads are metal and someone strung them on some tee shirt yarn.  I walked away from it twice and then I realized that for $1 I was STUPID. Those crystals are jadeite green and will be great on one of the chandeliers.

This is a pretty big egg.
I couldn't resist making Ginty hold it....
he thought it was funny...

because it reminded me of a little Jack holding another big egg! (How much do they look alike?)
This happens to be our house number.
And a chandelier. Man, I debated about this. Walked away from it. Thought if it was gone it wasn't meant to be. Went back and it was still there so I bought it.  This is where I REALLY missed having Dave with me. He is my mr fix it and I needed his input about whether or not this is useable. 
I have an Ikea chandelier in the laundry room that is NOT working for us at all. Hangs too low, not bright enough, blah blah.
If this beauty will work I am selling that bugger. :-)

Big storm rolling in, so I am outta here. Happy long weekend to you.


  1. Love Grant and the giant egg! That sounds like the title of a children's book. :)

    Genius idea of using the drops on that necklace on a chandelier!! I've seen those necklaces (although never that cheap) but that never ever would have occurred to me. Brilliant!


    I wouldn't pay $20.00 to get in anywhere. But, I am cheap. That seems crazy high to me though.

  3. That chandelier is awesome! Hope it works out (and that Sammi's mouth stopped puking).