Monday, May 19, 2014

The end of third grade - the art

**Jack chose a give away winner this morning - Lisa Barncat! Check your email***
Unbelievably, Jack still has two weeks of school left.  (Darn snow days!)  The art show at school has come and gone (which I missed because we were repairing the roof that day) and now the flow of artwork coming home has begun.
At some point this week I decided the easiest way to remember what was made this year was to put photos on the blog. Of course. :-)
 Flowers from science club.
 He is especially proud of the faces around the cup.

 A mask.
 I REALLY like this one. Sadly the art teacher has put very sticky labels on every.single.piece in the corner and you cannot remove them.  It ruins the art really and I am pondering how to approach that subject with her.
 A book report from the classroom.

 At first I was quite concerned by this one, LOL, but Jack reports they were supposed to make themselves with animal teeth. He is a snake. Of course he is a snake! Sigh of relief.
 These were supposed to be hula hoop rugs, made in his gifted class. His a bowl, but we are all cool with that.
 His clay art this year is SO stinking fragile. All the bits keep breaking off. I have glued it to within an inch of it's life. It came home already missing part of it's tongue too.
This was a premade pot painted in the gifted glass. (I don't think he was very happy with this one.)

These two have already made their way on to our walls:
Sleepy geometric glitter.

And my absolute favorite from this year! She had them color paper then tear it into small pieces and glue them in circles. Its very wildfloweresque and worth doing with this little kids I think.

Tomorrow I will show you some of Sammi's preschool creations.

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