Saturday, June 28, 2014

An amazing fabric buy

I have spent the last two days REALLY trying to garage sale.  But between sales not being open (or not existing) or dealers lining up hours before they do open, it is incredibly disappointing right now. So  I spend some time in the evening trolling ebay looking at fabric.  A few weeks back they sent me an amazing coupon so I added some things I wouldn't normally splurge on to my watch list.

When this HUGE lot of vintage fabric got close to the ending time I watched it obsessively while the kids ate lunch.  To my surprise I was the winner.

When it arrived it was even better than I ever could have imagined. A full 8 pounds of fabric, in every color and print imaginable. I spent a good hour just digging through the box. (Its airing out a bit in the above photo, it was a bit musty from being in the hot box. It covers an entire full size sheet. She had sorted it all by color and it was all starched! Can you even imagine that job?)

Usually when I buy a big lot of fabric I have a pile of rejected fabric, but there was very, very little reject in this box.
What made it even more awesome was when the seller sent me a note saying this was from her mom's sewing room and that she had rescued it from the fate of the trash can by a well meaning sibling.

I'll be there with bells on!

Honestly, this is just a tiny taste of what is in that huge stack.  It fills an entire bin in my sewing room now and I will surely have vintage fabric for EVERY project I can dream of for years to come.

Now if only that meant I would stop trying to find more at garage sales...(mutter, mutter, waste of time, mutter).


  1. Awesome score. Thank goodness it was rescued from the trash bin..some people really have no sense to what should be saved! Projects galore for you!

  2. How lucky are you! I had fun just looking at all these pictures. :)

  3. Oh man, that is some GOOD stuff! I think the red ducks with top hats takes the prize for me, but it's hard to decide--so many lovelies!

  4. Stunning! Love those novelty prints. And the bells! And the ducks!

  5. Score! Oh those 30s fabrics! The 40s! You are one lucky girl! I love the girls playing with the hoops.


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