Sunday, June 22, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

I finally managed to hire a babysitter this week. HALLELUJAH!

Maybe even more important is that I managed to find some good junk this week:
I already put these on the patriotic foyer tree. (Which is so very empty. I cannot decide what on earth to put on the thing. I actually pulled out a bin I had marked fourth of July for the first time ever to find the only thing in it was a hat, a George Washington die cut and a silk flag. Hmmm.)
Gingham wallpaper. Its sort of a bright pink color.

I think these are printing plates?
This one is SO AWESOME. Thinking of Grant's toddler room for these. (He is turning 2 in a few months. WHAT??? Won't be long before his "nursery" needs an upgrade, will it?)
There are more of these,  still complete with chocolate icing on the picks. LOL
I bought a big box of these ceramic place cards.  Some are marked with names still, and they are all different colors. The man who sold them to me said, "I have no idea what those even are," which gave me a chuckle.  Probably not the most useful things ever, but I thought maybe at some point Sammi will want to have a tea party?
Oh hello gorgeous quilt top.
As I was investigating it I spotted this button fabric. I bought a yard or so of it in a blue colorway on Ebay this winter.  I wasn't sure if that was a sign of a true sickness or not - when one has yardage of the vintage fabric one finds in use in vintage quilts. I mean what are the odds? Let's not dwell on that too long. :-)

This is a small (too small for a modern blanket of any size) gauzy duvet cover.
I am not sure when this happened but I seem to be OBSESSED with green. This green is a heart stealer.  It's a little too small to get two curtain panels out of, but it's on my sewing chair so I can think on it.  I think I want to paint the walls in the house that are colored all white. If I didn't have this stupid arthritis I would have done it already. I am thinking about how to pay for a painter instead so I can make it happen, at the very least starting with the pink bathroom.
Oh hello gorgeous quilt. (It's also a weird size.) It's about half as wide as a normal quilt, but it does not show any signs of having been cut down.
The interesting part of this one for me were those indigo fabrics. I tend to be a 30s/40s print girl, but this indigo is wonderful. It's unusual to see so much indigo with 30s/40s prints mixed like this one is too.

Perfectly sized for the dining room table too!

Cheeks is riding on an old plastic wonder pony I also scrounged up. Much to my surprise she loves it.  Right now she spends all day wearing ALL of her swimming suits, it's quite the fashion show around here!

Whew, we made it, happy Sunday to you!


  1. Glad you got out to the flea and found some treasures...loving the spun heads of course! Hurray on that babysitter!

  2. I will second the Hurray for babysitters! Mine were all gone at a church retreat this last weekend and boy am I ready to employ some this coming week. Those lantern ornaments are gorgeous. And the quilts!!

  3. I gasped out loud when I saw that first star quilt! It's to die for! Lucky you! I'm glad you found a sitter.
    Love the name plate things, and of course the spun heads! You could sooo turn them into snowmen (since you aren't needing graduates anytime soon). ha!

  4. So glad you found a sitter. We all need some time to ourselves. You always seem to find the neatest quilts.

  5. Sarah - that quilt top! I swoon -

  6. You found a sitter and were rewarded with amazing vintage?! Score for you, Sarah! You totally deserve it :-)

    I bought a quilt from an estate sale on Friday that has little bonnet wearing girls all over it. Is there a specific pattern name for it?

    Have an awesome week & enjoy that babysitter,


  7. Super excited that you found a babysitter. Time for some much needed respite! Love all your treasures (you even snuck in some Halloween) and that quilt top is amazing. Looks wonderful on your table right now.


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