Monday, June 30, 2014

Make it Mondays

Two weeks ago I decided we needed theme days to help us get through the long weeks of summer. Mondays are "make it Mondays", so I spent some time yesterday prepping a 4th of July craft to do with the kids.

We made mini construction paper lanterns to hang on our fourth of July tree.

Grant is not ready for scissors (even though he would disagree), so I gave him some coloring pages. (He proceeded to color all over himself, the counter, the chair AND the paper.)

He finally decided he would say CHEESE!
They certainly helped fill out my tree. Which I, umm, apparently never put the garland from yesterday's post on.  (Listen, three kids is like a THOUSAND man. LOL)
The tree this year has the cardboard stars I made last year, the lanterns the kids made, and some vintage glass ornaments. Oh yea, and some glass pie ornaments I found on Ebay.  Glass pie ornaments? YES PLEASE.  (Dave used to buy me ornaments like that all the time, but our local year round Christmas store changed a lot and now they aren't so easy to just pick up.)
I really wish I had  not *traded* away two of these trees (I use that term ever so loosely as she never sent anything in return) because I think a blue one would be awesome.

Only one more week with this tree and then it's time to think about Christmas in July.

It's a blessing that this summer is flying by. :-)


  1. I had 3 kids...they're a handful-and-a-half!

  2. I really need to find one of those trees. And can I also borrow your children to make cute crafts to hang on it when I do?



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