Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Estate Sale Tuesday

I didn't even bother with the flea market last weekend. Instead Dave and I went to a couple of estate sales. Since they were right around the corner from my mom's apartment we dropped the kids off and went alone.

Estate sales are awesome, but yea, not so much my speed. It's generally WAY too crowded, too competitive, I don't do the *standing in line* thing, and here they are priced higher than anything other than the antique mall. But lordy, I am getting desperate!
This was pictured in the ad and was the reason I went, I was happy to see it sitting there still.
One of them was billed has having been the estate of a sewer. I only bought two quilt blocks. Most of the fabric was new. (Which I do not understand. How can an older lady only have new stuff and like one or two tiny pieces of old fabric? It's weird to me. Where are the UFOs?)

A tiny tin basket.

I think I see the next Christmas in July tree in these planes!

Little fingers can never resist buttons, can they?
This is what caught my eye in the other ad. Sadly the yellow one was already gone. (I have this version already, although it's in rougher condition).

 A better look at those buttons (this time it was Sammi grabbing at them!)
 There were three pieces of this - likely feedsacks, once a duvet cover.
 This is a feedsack for sure, one of the best ones I own!

I REALLY want to recover a piece of furniture with one of these printed quilts, but they are so thick I am not sure it will work well...

So, the estate sale gig worked out better than the flea market gig, but I am still jonesing for some adventure!


  1. Lots of fun treasures. Love the tin basket especially. Great pumpkin too. Sweet fingers with your pretty buttons too.

  2. Loving the wastebasket. I have a couple of tins in the same pattern. I think I have the breadbox too.

    Estate sales in my area are cleaned out of all the good stuff within the first 15 minutes the doors are opened. You have to get there early and wait in line otherwise there is no point.


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