Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Flea Market Wednesday

It was another not very exciting junk week around here.

These are super awesome though.
I need to clean this up. I thought it might be useful for Sammi, or maybe I will put it in the sell pile.
Bummer this is blurry, I think these are umbrella party d├ęcor/favors? I will hang them on one of the foyer trees whatever they may be, the little velvet flowers and the old chenille are too sweet.
I picked up two of these Japan pine cone mica birds.

This was a robe. I have already cut it apart to salvage the dreamy lavender fabric. I wasn't able to easily remove all that quilting though, so whatever it gets reused for, it will be something quilted.

Maybe this week will be better. I am not holding out hope though and summer is quickly winding down!

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  1. Nothing exciting going on around here either. I'm wondering if this abnormal heat that we are dealing with is discouraging people from having garage sales? Those umbrellas are so sweet! At least you found something cute :-)



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