Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let's go on a safari

Last weekend we took the kids to a local petting zoo we had never been to before - Big Joel's Safari.  To my surprise it was quite cool.  Bummer it was blistering hot, or we would have stayed a lot longer.
 It is  not very often that we find something that all three of the kids can enjoy equally.
 You can feed and/or pet almost all of the animals. (Except for obvious things like big snakes and alligators and the huge horned cow like things that I cannot remember the name of, some biologist I am.)
Look at how high Grant has to look up to see that camel!

 The mother deer here was SERIOUSLY feisty. She did not want anyone feeding that baby, she wanted all the chow left to her.
 Have you ever noticed how primitive ostrich feet are? So much like a dinosaur.

 You feed the feisty pigs off a spoon, which Grant appreciated. He kept trying to feed the other things, but as soon as their lips came near his hand he would drop that food like a hot rock. LOL
 These two are actually fighting over who gets to have their head in that hole, LOL.

We will surely visit again!

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  1. I can just picture Sammi and Grant fighting over that hole, kind of looks like Sammi won. Looks like it was fun and I've never been close to an ostrich to look at his feet but they look like pictures of dinosaurs feet to me.


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