Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vintage strawberry pipecleaner people

We still needed a little bit more red on the strawberry tree, so when Megan mentioned that she had some vintage strawberry people ornaments on facebook I knew that was our last craft!
 They are not very photogenic because their heads are heavy.  I could have done this two ways - add a head or use the strawberry as the head. I figured using the berry as the head would mean embroidering faces and the kids can't quite do that.
 They have flower hats and are holding different things.

 Getting faces on those slippery beads was a challenge for both Sam and Jack.

At least our tree is done! And with a day or two to spare.

Now I need to remake French door curtains since one of mine has shrunk 8 inches after Jack spilled milk all over it.  Never ends, does it? LOL

*I didn't make the berries, I had some vintage fabric berries in the stuff I used for Valentine's Day.


  1. My favorite of your trees. Ever.

    Berry sweet (sorry, I couldn't resist)


  2. Adorable! These are much cuter and less creepy than mine. I'll have to see if I can unearth them and snap a picture,


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