Sunday, August 31, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

Man am I ever behind! First some business -

*HALLOWEEN SWAP~!** Tomorrow is the last day to sign up. Right now we have ten swappers, so three spots are still available. I will be sending out confirmation emails with all the directions tomorrow evening at 5 pm. Marci, your comment had no email address, so please email me!

Second, we have had the preschool plague for a week+ now. UGH. Go away!

Third, I hope you can stand a lot of photos of junk for several days in a row.

And last, Sammi just came in the living room buck naked and said she wanted to be shirtless like Daddy. LOLOL

This is stuff I bought when we went to the lake. We took Grant and left the big kids with Grandpa and Grandma for a few hours one morning to hit up a flea market. It was really, really small, but it was better than the HUGE 61mile yard sale we went to on Friday.

A rusty paper towel holder. We always need paper towels in the playroom so we just have a random roll who knows where down there. Fixed that.
A quite crusty wall lamp. These are super useful in the kids rooms.
I honestly never buy tablecloths for myself anymore, but when I saw someone else holding this amazing strawberry one I waited and waited for her to put it down.  I knew she would because her conversation with her friend indicated that they had no clue what a vintage tablecloth even was and there was no way she was paying $7 for a stained tablecloth. Lucky me lady!
A still very vibrant dish cloth (we actually use these to wipe up the never ending river of milk in my kitchen).
And another tablecloth.
Pretty calico apron.
Each of these was in a different Ziploc, each with a different price, and each marked things like "feedsack squares", "Cotton squares", etc. Aside from the red and pink ones they are all feedsacks I am pretty sure. I am not sure why she thought some were and some weren't.
Halloween, of course.
This is a different buy for me. Its a super heavy duty, industrial white dish.  Something about how useful and heavy it is made me buy it. It had to be some kind of medical something or other? Its pretty large.
These bowls are always cracked and this is no exception. They still hold fruit or crayons or what have you on our counter.
And a semi rusty dollhouse for $2, already on the dollhouse shelves.

Back with more junk tomorrow, and sign up to swap with us!


  1. your white dish/platter looks like ironstone to me....

  2. You've been on quite a roll (61 miles of disappointing sales aside)

  3. All of this junk is amazing! I would love to find one of those paper towel holders. And all those linens? Stain removal isn't hard. Lucky for you someone didn't realize that.

    Bring on more junk!


  4. Loving the linens but you know I'm crushing on the dollhouse.


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