Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vintage Quilt Rescue The Three Little Pigs

When I bought this quilt for $2 in the spring I really didn't have plans to do anything with it. I hung it up on the quilt rods in the living room and enjoyed it. But looking at it made me twitchy to fix it.
It was stained and torn and had been quilted onto a wool blanket, which felted when someone tried to wash it. There was no way to clean it in that state.
You can see the batting hanging out of one the holes in the right corner there.  The applique and the polka dots are SO stinking sweet though.
So I did what any crazy quilt lady would do - I ripped it apart. I took out all the quilting, threw away the felted wool batting and set to fixing it a little. I used the fabric I took off the back (which was the same solid pink) and some fusible interfacing to repair the holes and tears. It's not perfect, not even close, but I just needed it solid enough to try and requilt and clean.

I used the 505 spray and rebasted it and requilted it on EXACTLY the same lines as she had quilted it originally.
Originally it had been self bound, but I prefer a traditional binding, so I used a fun turquoise dot.
And I back it with a vintage polka dot I have had for years.
Despite many, many goes with the iron and washing it still has that puckery look to the fabric!
The stains didn't all come out (there is a small area of mildew damage and the only thing I know that really gets rid of that is bleach, which is not an option with a pink quilt), but I definitely feel like I gave it a new life!

Top - vintage rescue, likely 1940s
Batting - Pellon natural something or other
Backing - vintage pink dot
Binding - new Turquoise dot
Repairs Finished - August 26, 2014

P.S. Yesterday I bought this one:
 I swear I bought it to sell.
But man! these Wizard of Oz panels are SO sweet. It started calling me from the back of the van to fix it too. I am not in the quilt fixing business, I am not in the quilt fixing business...LOL


  1. Great job on the Three Little Pigs rescue, Sarah -- I'm really impressed! Quilt-fixing is a good thing :)

  2. I don't know that I would have had the patience to make it beautiful again. But you did and it looks wonderful even with puckers.

  3. The applique work on that is amazing. Somewhere, some woman is smiling down at you because you valued her handwork enough to rescue it. :)

  4. Oh, my all time favorite style. I've read several articles about their beautiful work. Thank you for such an inspiring, interesting post.


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