Sunday, September 28, 2014

Flea Market Sunday

The flea market continues to be a source of nothing but frustration for me this year.  I wander around aimlessly, finding nothing to buy, falling in love with only one item that is already sold, or too expensive for me and go home disappointed.

Today when we got home I went insane and tore apart three rooms of the house.  I mean if there is nothing new to buy I might as well mix things up around here and make them so my own things feel new, right?

It's always a huge mess doing this. And harder than hell with three kids underfoot. And makes me wish like crazy for enough money to hire a painter. Nearly 6 years in my walls are much worse for the wear.

BUT! everything feels fresh and new and better. I still have big messes to finish cleaning up but I have some breathing space in here again.
I did buy something this morning - an old basket bassinette. I might have never thought to buy such a thing, but she had displayed quilts in it and I though whoa! winner!
And we all know I have no shortage of quilts to fill it with. :-)


  1. We're getting ready to re-do The Third Grader's room, all because he's having a sleep over in October.



  2. When I saw your quilts in the bassinette I said the same thing!! Brilliant idea! Thanks!

  3. Totally brilliant use for that bassinet.

  4. I have a bassinet sitting in the attic that both kids used and has been handed down for generations. I should get it out...

  5. Not only is that bassinet awesome for holding quilts, it is also the perfect color!!


  6. It looks great in your house. I really like that idea too.


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