Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hapde Burfday Grant!

My Dearest Grant,

Today you are two! (Well, yesterday, but whose counting?)  Look at you just one year ago today.
You did not want a single thing to do with sitting in the hippo for the birthday photo for me.
In fact, you were freaking out over sitting in that hippo.

You were, however, excited about spotting a "jumpy squirrel!"

And about half way through the train ride you realized you were on a train and got more excited about that too.
You are ever curious my boy.

A mama can sit and watch you and just SEE your brain ticking away in there.

At two you are:
Still obsessed with all things wires. And buttons. And outlets. And electronic.
Able to build train tracks and playing with trains
Following along with every.single.thing Samantha does
Involved in many, many sibling squirmishes every day
Trying to count
Starting to identify letters
Starting to dress yourself
Starting to be picky about clothes
Still not in love with bathing
Still a really good eater
Starting to run
Trying to ride a trike
Building with legos
Going to start one half day of PDO this week
Talking up a storm
Sleeping through the night most of the time
Totally REFUSING to give up that nighttime bottle
A BIG boy (in a 3T, weighing 33 lbs and I think 31 inches tall, might have to change that after Monday)
Always, always trying to figure out how everything works
Opinionated as hell (shocker, none of my children are like this, snort)
Saying "oh hi" when you want to be picked up
Still not at all interested in watching tv
Shy and reserved when it comes to most new people

Still my one and only darling BABY!

I am not gonna lie - your birthday is a hard one for me. It represents the day my life really did change forever healthwise and that creeps up on me every year. But I would never give up the opportunity to know you and love you in exchange for going back.

Love you baby,

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  1. "Oh hi" that is too, too charming!
    Amazing to see the transformation from baby to little boy in just a year in those pictures! What a change.


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