Friday, October 31, 2014

On Halloween

On Halloween, the Great Pumpkin gave to me:

Our first family themed costumes!

One chocolate chip cookie.

Grant LOVED this, as soon as he saw it he said "Oh, chockit! I love chockit!" and he put it right on.  Now, will he do the same tonight or will he INSIST on being a cookie monster? We shall see...

One "cookie monster ballerina".
It's cold and Sammi HATES being cold, so she was  not anxious to take these photos.
And one milk carton.
I made this with felt and spray adhesive. It was a sticky job, but I am super pleased with the result.
I got smart and took all these photos well before trick or treat time. It's always just a big frustration to do it then!

Tonight it is supposed to be in the 20s(!!!) so we will be wearing winter coats to trick or treat anyway. LOL


  1. Cute idea, cute costumes, and even cuter kids. :)

  2. Kids look great. Stay warm.

  3. awesome idea! I love the chocolate chip cookie!

  4. That is one cute cookie! Cute costumes! You are giving your babes some wonderful childhood memories! Course may take till they are 30 for them to know it...;-)

  5. Adorable! Could Grant be any prouder?! (and cuter?!) You did a great job on the costumes!!! Hope you all stay warm and have lots of fun!


  6. The perfect themed costumes! Who doesn't love Chockit?


  7. I love it! 3 darling kids, 3 darling costumes!


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