Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gobble, Gobble

Hello Thanksgiving. We aren't actually having our turkey until Saturday, so today we have just been hanging out.
Well, hanging is sort of subjective I guess, since I totally gutted my sewing room. And then worked on the Christmas tree some more.

I tried to take the turkey photos yesterday because right now calendars are free from Shutterfly. You can see Sammi was THRILLED about it.
She did not want to change her clothes.
She did NOT want to wear those feathers because they were not purple.
And no way was she going to smile.
So I just rolled with it, inserted a photo in the calendar (I had made it in advance so this was the last photo I needed) and clicked order.
At least I can walk in the sewing room again.
I will confess this though - I had an idea to print a picture to stick on my cabinet, so I was digging around the blog. Man, sometimes doing that is just depressing. The house always looks clean and uncluttered and peaceful on the blog. In life it always feels loud and chaotic and insane. And no matter how much junk I get rid of we are always swimming in a million tiny pieces of crap that the children accumulate and juice boxes and candy wrappers and just BLARGH. LOL

Anyway. Enough of that.

This year I am ever so thankful for my little shop that is chugging along and providing me just enough cash when I seem to just REALLY need it. (Obviously the kids and Dave and the house and blah blah too!)

I hope you are stuffed full of turkey and enjoying your holiday!

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