Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ho Ho HO! The annual making of the Christmas cards

I have been watching the weather waiting patiently for a day warm enough to take our Christmas card photos. When I realized the bottom was totally dropping out this week, I knew last week was the do or die moment.

On Sunday it was supposed to be 65 degrees. I waited and waited and waited for it to get warm enough to get the kids outside to take the  pictures but it just never felt warm enough. I knew that Sammi would just cry about being cold (that girl and cold are NOT friends).

Since it seemed like it was never going to happen I put up a Christmasy sort of quilt, opened the French doors wide, made a photo shoot in the dining room and got on with it.

The kids were shockingly easy this year.  I did prep them for two days in advance with warnings that we were going to take pictures.

Grant makes me laugh here even though Sam looks awful.
There was hardly any goofing off.

I had plenty of shots to choose from, all done in 15 minutes!

The cards are already made and that is checked off my list!


  1. You have cute kids, for sure.

  2. They are getting so big! Look at that Grant posing - adorable!

  3. These are great, Sarah! You got some awesome photos for sure. The one of grant with his hand on is hip is the best!


  4. How adorable are they!! Look at Grant! Such a big boy! Good for you on your photoshoot success!!


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