Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The autumn Thanksgiving mantle

Since my enthusiasm for all things autumnal is quickly fading with this crazy weather, I thought I should show what I did get up before it turned bitterly cold.

The mantle this year.  Silver pumpkins, seed garland made from those Hawaiian necklaces, glittered leaves, porcelain acorns and some crepe paper black eyed Susans I finally made from an old Martha Stewart kit.
Feathers and gold mercury beads.
The only Gurley candles I have.
Crepe paper flowers in a lovely faux bois vase.
Blurry! The kids are really in a mood this morning...
Plus a few die cuts and kid crafts on the other wall.
My wire tree with acorns, pumpkins, mushrooms, pine cones.
The rest of the die cuts and more kid crafts.

A lot of people are asking again (in life, on facebook, etc) where do I get the time to do any of this stuff?!?!

The honest, simple answer is that I make time. I take 30 minutes every morning to list things in the shop and blog. And then I try to take 1 hour every evening to make things.  Sometimes I use that time to decorate a tree (or a wall), paint furniture or sew. We have dinner and then the kids are Dave's problem for an hour. Just about the time I am wrapping up it's time to start having baths and getting ready for bed, which is a 2 person job still.  Sometimes the afternoons are quiet for an hour, and I do something then, but because of the RA I usually just use that as down time. I often will snooze for 15 minutes while Sammi lays down with me and Grant sleeps in his room. Or we watch princess movies. :-)

But really - in order to pull all of that off, we have a pretty rigid schedule. This hour is for housekeeping stuff, this hour for cooking, this hour for outside play, this hour for baths and stories, etc.

And of course, some days are just total chaos. Crying, spilling, hitting, needing, messing, chaos!

Speaking of which - today is a chaos day and my time is up already!


  1. The mantle is really beautiful! I love the bead picks with the feathers and the paper flowers add just the right unexpected pop of yellow.

  2. What a cute mantle. I love the idea of making a garland out of those old hawaiian necklaces, so smart, and your pull down anatomy (?) chart is over the top fabulous!

  3. That mantle is awesome! You definitely used your time wisely :-)


  4. Love the mantle. Those mercury beads with the feathers are brilliant. I'm still determined to keep up the Thanksgiving theme on our mantle despite our crazy amount of snow.


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