Monday, November 24, 2014

This tree smells so fresh!

Let's face it - the real purpose of the Christmas tree around my house is to add some sparkle to the endless gray days of winter.

It may not be winter yet, but endless gray days are here.

So while Sam was at school Grant and I started the EPIC project that is putting up the *First* Christmas tree in our house. (Sam has requested one in her room and one in Grant's room and I always do a green tree with our family ornaments too).

These two knuckleheads!  When Sam saw the tree she said, "this tree smells so fresh!" Um, okay? LOL

Then she let Grant sit on her in the chair and said, "mommy, he is sitting on two butts! giggle giggle".  Funny one, that girl.
I don't use this tree very often because it is shedding so much. She is my favorite old girl - a lovely champagne color instead of white and I am scared that in not too many years she will be bald. New trees do not have the same charm. (Although I still have SERIOUS regrets about not buying that champagne tree at target a few years ago.)
700 tiny lights later. I wish they still sold the white wire lights in 50 light strands, it could use another 50 near the top.
When I finished Sam was making Grant take her and dollie's photo in front of the tree.

"Its like a store in here now! The mall, the beautiful mall!"
This girl is a SERIOUS fashionista. And she is good at it already! I remember how frustrating it was when she was just over 1 and she INSISTED on dressing herself. Now its a source of wonder and amazement. Her sense of color and pattern.  She can look at a fashion magazine and immediately point to the ones who are the worst dressed in those "who wore better" lists.
And this boy? OBSESSED with wires. I have no clue how these trees are going to fare since he insists on plugging and unplugging everything.

Now to get it screwed down so I can get the start of the ornaments off the counters!


  1. That Target tree haunts me too, Sarah!


  2. Have fun with your sweeties and all your splendid decorations!!!


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