Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A little more Christmas decor

This morning there is little denying that the children's snot has started to invade my own head. Oy.

This year I was trying REALLY, REALLY hard to sort through all those boxes in the basement and get rid of the things we never use. My next agenda was getting all the "like" objects together, so that when they are put away I don't have wreaths in 6 bins or baby Jesus in 4 bins.

I am mostly there. Or as close as I am going to get with a 2 year old and a 3 year old.

The vintage wreaths.  Those two small chenille ones need some of their decorations repaired. I have the stuff to do it, but meh, no desire.
The Santas.

The kids art. Obviously this is only some of it.
I hung all my vintage stockings on the line that I hung the Halloween masks on. I need two more to fill in the middle, but none of have turned up so far.
The family tree. It's a real tree this year and it's awful. There is a meme thing going around facebook with the stages of your Christmas tree based on the age of your kids and all I can say about that is - yes! You will notice the bottom is empty. The kids keep breaking everything down there. I was too scared to put out a lot of the old family made ornaments because of the wreckers.  Things keep having to move higher and higher and then eventually to the counter because they  break them.

Good times!
Because of the wrecker problem, every last piece of every other Christmas collection is locked away in the china cabinet.

The old nativity pieces are always my favorite. They are so beautiful.

I put them at wrecker eye level so they can enjoy them too.

Back tomorrow with that glass tree!


  1. Your decorations are to DIE FOR!
    Beautiful, Awesome, Jealous, Amazing,

  2. Love the framed Santa idea. Can't blame you for locking up the breakables and there is something to be said with all those special collections all being together in one place. It just POPS. Beautiful.

  3. I love grouping things together so that wrecker proof cabinet is perfect to me!

    Last year, I took the time to pack away similar items in the same tubs. It seemed to make decorating much less chaotic this year. I'm sure you would love less chaos!

    Happy Holidays, Sarah!



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