Friday, December 12, 2014

A vintage altered journal binder for Christmas Cards

 Every year I try to make sure there is one extra Christmas card left over for me to keep.  I had been keeping them in a big pile of cards in my sewing room, but when I cleaned that out I decided I needed to get them all together in ONE place stat or they would be lost.

As it is I am already missing at least one from when Jack was really little. :/

I googled and googled and googled. I asked on facebook. I really just wanted one of these scrapbook companies to sell a book ready made to save Christmas cards in. Bonus points if I could keep the Santa photos in the same books.

Nothing turned up. Not even a blog post from someone with a great idea!

I finally found an 8.5 by 5.5 inch three post binder from We R Memory Keepers on Amazon after someone mentioned they sell that stuff in Wal- Mart. (I REFUSE to go Michaels now.) Black would not have been my first choice, but frankly it was the cheapest option.
 Then I glued on some vintage things to the front.  A page from a vintage Frosty book, some pieces from that 1940s wrapping paper I bought this summer, old foil stars, one of the Christmas seals I have been selling, and the hardest cut of all - the top of the box of ornaments I showed you yesterday. I REALLY wanted a tree on the front and I couldn't find one in any of the paper things I have lying around to cut up.  Since the box was in really dreadful condition I just cut it apart.

Now I need to figure out how to protect the cover!  Packing tape? Mod Podge? Maybe one of you is a scrapper with the answer! (Color me clueless. The Christmas stickers on the bottom are dimensional and right now their life span will be short if I do not get them stuck on their more permanently somehow.)
 It only comes with 5 pages, but there were more on Ebay.  I just cut scrapbook paper for a background and stuck the cards on with washi tape.
Well, Sammi stuck on the washi tape. She would like to steal all my tape and hoard it away in her nest.

I think I need to order one more pack of pages when our bank mess is sorted out to make sure I have enough pages in there to get the kids through high school at least.

Now if only I could find a copy of this card. :(

There you have it! Maybe that will help some other crazed mother who is googling her brains out trying to find  a quick way to store those cards. :-)

P.S. My original plan had been to just eventually make the card photos into a shutterfly book. But meh, I spend time designing the card and that method would lose the spirit of the card.  The santa photos are digital now, so the same could be done, but the first 8 years of Jack's visits to Santa are only preserved on paper photos in my file box.


  1. Love this! I would think that Modge Podge would work on the cover. It comes in so many finishes now too. I bet Magpie Ethel would have a good idea.


  2. Mod podge will definitely work. I have done some art recently where I put the mod podge on the surface and then laid tissue over it. I used a peachy color with yellow tissue. It gives your piece some texture. I used some buttons, adhered with a little white glue and then used the mod podge on the sides and tops to "anchor" them. Love your idea for keeping your cards! The cover is wonderful!

  3. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Sarah, I have made scrapbook dust jacket covers from the clear vinyl bags curtains and comforters come in...ya know the ones with zippers or snaps? Fold as a regular book cover style and double sided tape holds the end folds! nice and clear but sturdy! Robin


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