Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A year of the kids, 2014

As I end 2014, I like to watch the kids grow.  (And I have to figure out how to take the annual family selfie since it is 17 degrees outside today. Ouch.)

 December 31, 2013S
Sam turned three in January.

March (at the circus!)
April (Daddy turned 40)
May (I failed to have one of all three of them in May)
June (Father's Day)
July (God, it was SO HOT)
August (at the lake)
August, take 2
September (at the zoo)
September take 2, Ginty turned 2
October take 1 (at the pumpkin farm, look at the plane!)
October take 2, Jack turned 10
And December (hello Santa!)

Hopefully tomorrow I will return with a new family portrait. :-)

Happy New year to you!

P.S. Swap about half full, go sign up! (The sign up change is only in the hopes of making the shipping/organizing the shipping part easier. It is by FAR the most frustrating and drawn out part of the swap.)

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