Monday, December 29, 2014

A year of making, the 2014 version

Oh Dear. On top of the other illnesses we already had, we have contracted some sort of raging stomach flu.  I was VERY sure death was in my future by 5 am Saturday, but today I am able to eat food again.

That has caused a slight delay in everything, as you can imagine. I will go ahead and make the etsy heart to heart listing live as soon as I am done here. You can follow the etsy mini on the right side bar to my shop and look for the RESERVED listing. Once you purchase ONE of the reserved listings you are in the swap. When all the spots are full I will send out the usual group email.  As in previous years, the rules are roughly:

Make 14 valentines and mail them to me, get 14 different valentines in return. Your valentine can be made from anything you want, please try to keep it smaller than approximately 5 x 7.  They can all be the same, or they can all be different, it's entirely up to you. Your etsy purchase will cover your portion of the return shipping costs this year, so no extra money to remember for the boxes! You can search heart to heart here on the blog to get ideas of what previous valentines have been.  The mailing deadline will be in my hands my Jan 31. Please keep in mind you are making a swap commitment, others will already be crafting a valentine for you, so no flaking please. If you have questions or concerns about how to use the etsy listing, please shoot me an email. Some of the wording there is a bit confusing, but it's just there to keep the listing within etsy guidelines. Although it states you are purchasing MY valentine, you are STILL getting the usual swap box.

I cannot wait to see them this year! I have already purchased a few things to make mine. :-)

And now, a year of makin' projiks:



Not as much making as I would have liked, but, hey, I have something to show for it every month at least!


  1. I dont see the reserved listing? Please, please tell me its not full already???

  2. I',m an idiot, I found it.

  3. I totally forgot that you made that necklace! Definitely one of my favorites.



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