Thursday, December 25, 2014

And the wrapping paper flew

My goodness. I am sure I feel like this every year, but this year I am surprised that I  managed to get all this done in time.  That fever I had for one little day last week has left me with a WHOPPING cough that I cannot quiet. I have tried everything under the sun - homeopathics, external creams, medicines, teas, blah blah. I just cough all day and all night long, leaving me exhausted. I can't even nap! This is a real travesty. LOL

We made it to church last night (which was at a horrible time - 5 pm), and I loved seeing my little two so eager to participate and so aware of what was going on. Sam loved spotting the baby Jesus everywhere and Grant loved holding up his battery candle (wires, you know).  Jack is still TOTALLY not into the church thing, which is fine. I do find it interesting how some folks just seem wired for "god" and some do not.  (As a side note there - as a biologist I find the God Gene stuff really interesting.)

Never mind though, Santa came to see us anyway.

The look on her face over that box of ponies kills me.
This year Grant took his sweet time. Open something, play for an hour.

What Grant was NOT happy about was the pj photo. When I took this one he was great! And then I realized that oh, crap! I had the camera on incandescent light.
And when I tried to adjust it the tears started.
Samantha was NOT amused that Grant would not cooperate. She just wanted to put on her rainbow dash costume. (Which she still very clearly remembers was on clearance on Target at after Halloween and she is sure Santa finally went back for it even though mommy told her it was already sold.)

Grant then required lollipops as a bribe. (Which didn't really work. And Sammi continued to be less than impressed with him. When I said say cheese she replied "take a chill pill". LOL!)
Goodness, their matching jammies kill me with cuteness. Jack was disappointed he didn't get footies too, and I had to explain they don't make matching footies in a size 14 (!).
Now, here I sit.  I already took down the green tree. The sun is finally shining and I wanted the children to be able to get out in the yard.

If I weren't sick I would have all this Christmas clutter put away!

I have Dave home for 9 days and no quilt in progress and no energy to even start one. Bah humbug to me again. :-)

I hope you are all having a ho!ho!ho! Merry Christmas with your and yours.

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  1. Awesome pictures, Sarah! That one with Sam and her ponies kills me too. Totally classic :-)

    Feel better! My BFF had something super similar a few weeks ago where she couldn't quit coughing. She finally tried the new Musinex cough syrup that's like 12 bucks a bottle but she said it was the only thing that knocked her cough out long enough to where she could sleep.

    Good luck!



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