Sunday, December 21, 2014

Flea Market Sunday, out with a bang

This was probably the last flea market of 2014 for me.  Maybe. Possibly. I cannot commit to that statement right now though, LOL.

I was only finding a few small things here and there and then I turned the corner!  If I had another $50 to spare there are two other things that would've come home with me too, but it's just way too close to Christmas for that nonsense.

So, what jumped into my bag?
Vintage purple yardage.
A very sweet 1930s quilt top. I am like the home for wayward quilts at this point.
I didn't take a photo of one, but I love how she appliqued a diamond into the empty squares.

A bow tie, or snowball, quilt top.
These really do make super curtains, you should try it.

And then there is this beauty.

This is everything I love about quilting - how your color choices and pattern choices and fabric placement can totally change a quilt.
This is the courthouse steps (or log cabin) pattern and her use of the dots instead of a solid just makes me swoony.
Plus her choice to use all one fabric instead of mixing it up in a more scrappy fashion.

Goodness, I love this quilt. It feels like a really modern interpretation, no?

Dave was teasing me after I bought this about how I have "personal pickers". I asked this dealer last week to bring me some quilts and this week he did. :-) I spend quite a bit of time cultivating relationships at the flea and it does pay off.

I could not resist the charm of these cherry trims.
I think I am sick of Christmas stuff already. There was a load of it out there, but not much I needed to own. One of the dealers told me in November that people only buy Christmas in November because by the time they have all their stuff out in December they realize how much they have. This makes total sense to me and seems to ring true for me as a buyer. 

This church is BIG, much bigger than my others. Those little santas are in wood sleighs with pipe cleaner Santas. They were unusual enough to come home. The round mica Santa in the back? Well, enough said there, right?

These were also unusual enough to come home. They are carnival glow in the dark ornaments.
I picked up a big Ziploc grab bag full of old paper items thinking there might be some things to sell in there.  There were things to sell, but I had no idea how many things there were to keep in there too!
I have already sorted them into my ephemera binder to keep them together.  Lots of dennison seals. And that baby bracelet package tie on! So cute!

Loads of bridge tally cards.  Good news, I am set for the heart to heart swap for years now. LOL
Hard to find Halloween and Thanksgiving things.

Those Halloween seals are in there except the skulls, but my camera battery died on me.

In case that was the last flea of the year, it was a good finish.

I am off to let the children make their gingerbread houses. This is my least favorite activity every year. Lord, give me strength.

P.S. The holiday is rapidly bearing down and lots of folks will drift off for a  week or so. I will open the Valentine swap next Sunday, December 28th I think, and close the sign up on Jan 5th or whenever we are full. I am going to run it through Etsy I think, as long as I can sort out if that is allowed. That way you can enter your shipping info and pay your shipping fees via paypal.  An added bonus is that when the spots are full the listing will close itself, so there will be no questioning and counting of heads.  If you are interested try liking Makin' Projiks on facebook or etsy to give you the soonest heads up.


  1. Oh my! You found some cool things! That is a good idea putting the seals in protective pages. I might get around to it one of these days.

  2. That ziplock bag of old paper stuff was a total score!

  3. Dying over the ephemera. DYING!!


  4. Seriously, your flea market is THE BEST. Jealous.


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