Sunday, December 07, 2014

Flea Market Sunday

It was our wedding anniversary yesterday, so we left the kids with Oma for a few hours and hit some estate sales. I feel like I bought a LOT of stuff, and I did, but not a lot of stuff to keep. (Which is fine. The shop gives me a good outlet for stuff I enjoy buying but can't keep it all!)

This little sweetie was destined for the shop, but she won over Grant in an instant. She has her happy side...
And her sad side. And the cutest little 1940s dress. She is REALLY solid and I suspect stuffed with someone's old nylons!
A lone vintage tree. These guys are hard to find, so I was excited to find one. I have two others but they are currently in need of some glue.
Some mercury glass bits.
A pink tinsel tree. Oddly enough I spent a good part of an evening this past week desperately searching for a silver tinsel tree to display my mica birds on. Those buggers are not easy to find?? I finally found a Dept 56 one, I hope I like it when it arrives.
My other favorite hard to find Christmas item - real metal tinsel garland.  This stuff is amazing.
It was in the box with all these glass garlands.  Swoon.
I bought a TON of antique lace and trims for the shop. Why do I keep buying REALLY old fabric things I know nothing about?
Because they are too amazing to pass up, of course. This is the most delicate lace trim.
So not a bad "flea market" week after all!

P.S. Almost all the vintage Christmas I have to sell is in the shop now. I have two more sets of ornaments to get listed and then I am done with that for this year.

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  1. That doll is great. I'm surprised Grant claimed it before Sam!



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