Sunday, December 14, 2014

Flea Market Sunday

Working from home has been both great and well, exhausting. This morning NOTHING was going right - the computer wouldn't work, I had calculated shipping on an item that sold incorrectly (by a lot), the kids were I decided we should go to the flea market right then instead. It's 65 degrees here today, better make use of it. 
Dave and I also had hit up an estate yesterday when my tracker notified me that they had listed fabric. I could not find any fabric in this house, but lordy be! It was so crowded and claustrophobic and had SO MUCH STUFF in it I thought I would die in there for SURE. I grabbed a few things and then just got in the line long to get out. (And then I got in the car and swore that I would spend the rest of my days getting rid of my own crap.)
 A pair of Santa lights. I think. It seems like some kind of light went up the bottom part?
 Brick crepe paper.
 Delicate glass garland.
 Party horns for the New Year's mantle.
 Party horns for the fourth of July. (The rest of these just went in the shop.)
 A huge gaggle of much coveted crepe paper party hats! Squeee!

 I paid quite a bit of money for this bag full of little wooden figures. There are all different kinds in there, these are just a few of them. They are SUPER tiny. 1/2 inch tall maybe?

If you will be doing the heart to heart swap you will likely be the owner of one. I think they have ignited an idea for that swap in my wee brain.

Not too bad a day junk wise!


  1. Wow, you find the best stuff at your flea market, wish I lived closer. I am excited to see what you do with those little wooden figures because of coarse I am doing that swap!

  2. Those hats? DYING! Not a bad day for junk, huh?



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