Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Hello Santa!

 The kids and I went to Santa right before Thanksgiving.  It was so easy this year. Really.  Grant was in no way going to smile, but unlike last year he did not cry and try to run away!

The Christmas lists this year:
elsa doll
doc mcstuffins doll
black rainbow dash
princess doll

Crayola paint and marker makers
24 inch bike
minecraft books
pokemon games with very specific instructions (for which Santa, ahem, is grateful, lol)

Jack just choose random things for Grant, since he has no opinions yet!

A few photos from year's past:
 This is 2007, a little Jack, and the BEST Santa photo EVER. That was the best Santa ever too, he retired after that year.
 This was the stinking year we had to Go TWICE because they didn't put the photo on the CD. It was hotter than heck that day, so Sam is dressed for summer. LOL
Grant has changed SO MUCH in the last year, hasn't he?



  1. SO cute Sarah! That little baby of yours is a little boy now! One of my cherished possesions from my boys' childhood are the books of the Santa pictures. You can easily flip the pages and watch them grow!

  2. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Such cute photos! And is Grant as tall as Sammy or is it my imagination? He's on his way to being a 6 footer! Also I love how Jack picked Minecraft for Grant lol, yeah nice try Jack!

  3. I know the kids are a handful but they are so darned cute! These days will be a dim memory....and they will be grown up and you will be waiting for weddings and grand babies! Enjoy these days....XO

  4. Isn't it nuts to see how much kids change just over a years time?



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