Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mica bird tinsel tree

I tried really hard to find some daylight to take this photo. As you can tell I resorted to moving the furniture and stuff. But listen, there is NO SUNLIGHT for us this winter. I saw an article on facebook yesterday that said we have had NINETEEN hours of sun since Dec 3rd in Kansas City. We are not KC, but I am sure the number for St Louis is not that far from that.

And then, despite taking 14 photos, all but this really bad one are blurry!

Bah humbug!

I have been trying for MANY years to collect enough mica birds to fill a tree. I am not even close. I am always outbid on Ebay. I looked ALL OVER the flea market the past few weeks and no birds. Nada. My obsession started with Laurie's tree. This year I decided it was time to finally buy a tree to put them on. Sadly, I didn't realize two things - 1) it was darn hard to find a spindley silver tree and 2)hmm, yea, it looks sad.
It really lives up here, not on my floor. :-)

Dave gave me the tree for our wedding anniversary. Now I SURELY need some of those bride and groom birds to hang on it, right?

Btw, after searching the internet for HOURS the tree I finally settled on was the Dept 56 Snowbabies Dream Tree. It's retired (of course) but there are still a few kicking around in case you must have one too. :-)


  1. I blame Laurie for a lot of my collections too :-) I collect these birds too but never thought to put them out at Christmas. I normally bring them out during the springtime. They are pretty hard to find around here too.


  2. Blame me? Inspiration surely! I love that the tree was a wedding anniversary gift...all the more meaningful. I usually bring my tree out in the spring as well, but I think it may come out for the new year. I haven't had it out in awhile and it those birds need to do some tweeting.


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