Thursday, December 11, 2014

Plotting. Thrifting. Preschool.

Let's see, what has been happening here this week?

We haven't seen the sun here in more than a week. Maybe 10 days. There is no sun in the forecast for a loooooong time. I am starting to go insane. Very insane. I am solar powered. I can deal with cold, but I need sun.

The kids are snotty, sick germy buggers right now. And I am not so great myself. While I am busy going to the bathroom 90000000 times, the kids are all lord of the flies up in here.  That's fun.

Also super fun - someone emptied our bank accounts this week. And our bank failed to notice it was happening for several days. We spotted it after the first day or so, but it takes forever to get that money back.  15 days before Christmas! Merry Christmas to us. (Thankfully I am a spread it out shopper and I was damn near done anyway. Plus my business accounts are separate and unaffected.) I should probably go sell something so we can keep gas in the cars in the meantime. Sigh.

Last night was the preschool Christmas singing program.

Unfortunately the only photo I have where you can see Grant is blurry! I was having to move all over the gym to even get a glimpse of them. That part is a major bummer, but seeing all those little kids singing songs about Christmas certainly makes your grinchy heart feel quite merry.

To my surprise, Grant was up there dancing his little heart out and Sammi was sort of standing there like "what are we doing??"  (I think she doesn't attend enough days during the week to know what was going on to be honest, but still, I thought she would try at least.)
This tiny giraffe art was in Grant's bag yesterday. It's so tiny! And so cute! I die. (I think he just added the dots.)

While all three kids were in school (and since I was not yet aware we had been robbed), I got a hair cut and hit a few thrifts I never go to.
I guess it's vintage doll time for me. Again bought to sell, and again snatched up by my kids.
She has knees! So cute.

Now before someone goes and says they never find ornaments in the thrift, neither do I. Honest. I don't think I have found ornaments in the thrift in more than 5 years.
This one is awesome.
While I was outside taking these photos I spotted an old apple basket on top of the neighbors trash. Why thank you very much, I think I will help myself. (I love these for corralling kid's shoes. A coat of paint and they go right into service.)
And last, but not least! To try and get myself out of this god awful funk I started planning a new quilt. I feel VERY stuck creatively right now. I went to Joann to try and unstick myself, wandered around for almost 2 hours (this is UNHEARD of for me, I do not like to shop like that) and still left with nothing but a magazine.

I look at pinterest, I fondle my fabric and still nothing comes.

So far this is only an idea on paper, but maybe soon I will actually start the cutting.

Or maybe I will just spend the next 5 days wiping noses and bottoms and wishing for the sun and working my butt off for that above mentioned gas. :-)


  1. I'm so sorry about the thief who raided your bank accounts. Let's hope karma hits back. I was thinking about you and your quilts. I saw a quilt that reminded me of your pencil quilt slightly. It turned out to be designed as Christmas Crackers. Do you have any christmas fabric? If not it, should be deeply discounted after Christmas when hopefully you will have some funds.

  2. So sorry that you are having such a shitty go at it right now. What the heck is wrong with your bank?! I'd be super aggravated too.

    Love seeing the little kiddos at their sing-a-long. Would have loved to have seen Grant busting his moves :-)

    Sending lots of positive energy your way, Sarah. Every little bit's gotta help, right?



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