Monday, December 15, 2014

Some Christmas decor

Man, this Christmas thing is really sneaking up on me!

How about a few days of Christmas d├ęcor? Of course, its gray here again, so dark photos. (Is it a la nina winter or something? We have so little sun it seems.)

The village tree is in the foyer.
I sold the plastic houses this year, so only cardboard are left. I still have loads!

Next year I am TOTALLY draping all my glass garland above the fireplace a la Shara, but for this year I just stuck some on Sammi.
My Santa suit is hanging out on the quilt ladder.  Yesterday at the flea there was an AWESOME 1940s Santa costume, but I didn't have enough money. Sad.
Back to the fireplace mantle with the tree topper collection this year. This collection didn't really grow much from last year.
But it was a busy, busy glass bead garland year!

Back tomorrow with some more. Hopefully we can get a peak of sun soon so I can get a good photo of the 1 million twinkling glass ornaments on the vintage tree this year. :-)


  1. ala Shara. LOL. My glass garland area is my favorite spot in my house and I stupidly put it behind the couch where I NEVER see it. I like them in those big jars too.

  2. I wish I had yours and Shara's luck at finding glass garland. I have exactly two strands of it, a broken strand of gold and one that is mint condition Pretty Pink in the original packaging. I found the pink package in the jewelry section of the local thrift marked $.69. I knew what it was immediately and snapped it up but couldn't find anymore or it. I haven't found any since that find.

  3. I am obsessed with the idea of putting glass garland in old jars! I have it all over the place. Your entryway table with the houses is awesome. And I thought I had a lot of those!



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