Monday, December 08, 2014

Switchin' it up

My goodness, I feel like I have been going non stop for about three weeks now. Working, kid stuff, trying to get some Christmas stuff up. I am not even sure I have been in a Target in weeks.

I decided on Thanksgiving day that it was time to switch some things up around here.  I used to really enjoy doing that, but with two very small kids I am in "maintain this mess" mode rather than "enjoy this mess" mode.

I TOTALLY cleaned up my sewing area first. I donated a whole van full of stuff (from there and the basement and the kids rooms again).

 Then I rehung the doll quilts in Sammi's room. Sorry for the blah photos, but we have not seen the sun in a week again either.

And I moved her into a different bed.  The iron bed was too small to accommodate both a box spring and a mattress, which was great when she was two, but at nearly 4 she was ready for a real twin bed.

She loves having the quilts up and I like the bit of softness they bring. Plus they cover up where she has colored all over her walls. KIDS!
I bought Grant a new rug when we went to Kansas city. We had just enough time to wander around IKEA and man, what a disappointment. I used to love IKEA. Now? Not so much. Actually, not at all. I had a really hard time finding anything in there I even wanted. But big orange spots? MINE!

Now I MUST find some time to craft something. It's been weeks since I even touched a piece of fabric!


  1. Sometimes I go to IKEA and have to take out a second mortgage to pay my bill. Other times, I walk out completely empty handed. No Target in weeks? I can't even imagine :-)

    Sammi's room looks awesome! Love her sweet bed.


  2. I love those doll quilts hung on the wall, what a cute idea! Yes, I agree, I didn't think IKEA was great, but I did manage to find a few things for super good prices. Post coming.

  3. Sammi's room is so charming with all those doll quilts. Love!!


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