Friday, December 26, 2014

The thrift store called

The thrift store was calling me this morning - they had a wayward quilt in need of rehoming.
I dismissed it at first -
the first three rows are REALLY rough.
But 10 rows are amazing, so in the cart it went.

Then we trotted off to the park to try and enjoy this 60 degree day. Except Sammi had an accident after about 15 minutes. Ooops.

I spent the afternoon taking down the Christmas stuff. It's all down except the big glass tree (so.much.ornament.wrapping.) that I am dreading. 

I set up a custom etsy listing for the Valentine swap so I am ready to launch in a few days.

I started planning Miss Samantha June's FOURTH birthday (shut the front door!).

And now I am sitting here chewing my 900th cough drop. Surely I will sleep again, right?

What is everyone else up to?

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  1. No flea market today for me. Truth be told, I'm kind of happy about it. I have so much Christmas to put away. Is it just me or does it seem to take longer to pack it all away than to put it all out?



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