Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The vintage glass ornament tree, aka the family jewels

Every year I try for an hour to get a really decent photo of my Christmas tree. I am starting to think I need an actual photographer to pull it off! LOL

Here are way more photos than anyone ever needs of our tree. I wish I had straightened out the curtains before I went through this exercise though!

The best photo is actually the one where the camera was busy focusing on the kids! They were playing batman, but according to Samantha Batman needed his hair fixed before he could go get the joker.

She also informed me yesterday that she is three, but soon she will be 4 and then she will be 87 and she cannot wait to be 87!

Both  my father and Jackson are sighing about the number of ornaments on the tree. My father asked if  was trying to win some sort of competition. Jackson says "mom! There are already like 150 ornaments on that tree, what are you doing?"

Given the current cost of these ornaments on the open market, it's not really a joke anymore that these are the family jewels.
And so far the only near disaster was when Jack was vacuuming and somehow waved the vacuum wand IN THE TREE and sucked an ornament into the tube! I ran across the room screaming and trying to shut off the vacuum! Thank goodness it was too big to fit in the tube. And it was a purple one too! (Purple are so hard to find.)
Although yesterday I dared to eat a piece of toast and Grant started taking all the light bulbs out of the light strands on the other tree. He came in holding a handful of light bulbs. Oy.
Never a dull moment with this clan.

Honestly, I love this tree so much.

If I had any free time this year I would just sit and stare. :-)

Ho ho ho! 


  1. Wow Sarah. Just Wow. I LOVE that tree, and your dad and Jackson have missed the mark LOL!

  2. Free time huh? Maybe boxed up and ready to open Christmas morning to use through the year! Your tree looks amazing!

  3. I say it every year and as much as I love my silver aluminum tree, I think vintage ornies are shown off to their very best on a white tree! Yours is stunning!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, Sarah. I totally get why you would want to stare at it! Thanks for showing us!

  5. I have seen so many gorgeous white and flocked trees this year on the blogs and IG. I am seriously tempted to mix things up next year. I already didn't get a real tree this year. AND I live in Oregon where this is totally unheard of. I found an awesome aluminum pom pom tree at a garage sale over the summer so of course I had to put it up! I would seriously take your tree as is and just set it up in my living room. No changes or rearranging needed at all. You did and AMAZING job on it!

    I will admit that I am a little stressed out about the next few future Christmases. I will soon have a little niece who I am having nightmares about grabbing ornaments off of my tree and hurling them across the room.

    Merry Christmas!


  6. No kidding, this tree could be in the Anthropology catalog! It's magical! I'm so glad I saw this post because I've really been talking (to myself) about how I need to stop buying vintage ornaments and that I already have waaaay too many. But this just proves that I'm not crazy! lol We do it because this can be the outcome! I must keep going! ha!
    Happy Holidays!
    Erica :)


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