Monday, December 01, 2014

They can't all be winners

This was my latest quilting project.  At some point I was cleaning out some stuff in my sewing room and I discovered a stack of half yard cuts of some nicey jane fabric from 2009 (!). I loved it and wanted to use it RIGHT THEN.

I waffled about which pattern to use, but decided this ribbon box pattern would work well with the large scale prints.
I was oh so wrong.

Aside from the hot mess that is the striped ribbon near the middle (I should have ignored the cutting directions with that fabric, and I knew I should have, but I ignored myself), I just hate it.
I really think the large scale fabrics just do not work in this pattern. And too many of them are the same tone which does not read well next to the white sashing.
I have waffled a lot on what to do with it.

My aunt suggested finishing it for donation.

But, eh, I just don't know. I would have to put another 10 hours into it, and another $20 at least, and lets be honest here - my time and my money are too precious to waste on something I am just not into.

If this were anything other than crafting I would say well, Sarah, there is *value in finishing!* But for crafting? Probably not. There is, however, value in learning.  I am new to this quilting gig and each quilt is an opportunity for learning about so many things.

I have a strict NO UFO rule so it won't be just hanging around either.

A decision must be made soon though, because until it is, I cannot start something new! :-)


  1. Several years ago I made a turning twenty pattern top. I hated it. So I cut it into 12 inch blocks (or what ever divides equally) and then I cut them into triangles and mixed them up and sewed them back together. As least it was something different than before!

  2. No wonder this quilt gave you fits! It looks so complicated! I think if you finished it you could sell it on your etsy page.

  3. You could probably just sell it as a quilt top - let someone else decide if they want to change it!

    I like it as is except the stripe and only because the pieces don't match, as you said. Good luck with whatever you decide!

  4. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Unsew the unloved parts and change those. You can rippit with a rotary cutter gently "tickling the threads" with the cutter while holding the rows apart and it goes fast. Don't get wild though or you'll get an oops. Slow and steady....I really like the tops except for how the stripes went...........

  5. I sort of like it. But if you don't, I'd sell it as just the top and call it a day.

  6. Assuming you still like the individual fabrics, I like the idea of cutting it apart into new squares or triangles that each have 2 fabrics in them and then making something else with the pieces. Doll quilt for Sam? and maybe toss the pieces with the stripes since cutting them into new shapes will just make all sorts of new crazy (or put them in a bag and back to Goodwill for the karma)... you are brave to be able to stop working on something that you're not loving. good for you!


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