Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A little sanity has been restored

Oh my goodness, that was one LONG three week period there.  Between many sicknesses and Dave here and the kids here...whoa nelly. Today is the first time since the first week of December I am in my house ALONE. No one is crying or making messes or asking me endless questions!

I am getting the valentine swap contact list together. Right now we have 11 swappers. I haven't closed the listing yet, but I will as soon as I get around to it I think.  I will email all of the swappers later today to check in and make sure everyone knows what they need to do.

Yesterday the kids and I went to Goodwill because lord! I needed to get out of this house.  It is minus a bazillion degrees here today and I was TERRIFIED the kids were going to be out of school again (and I was ready to call the bus garage myself to make sure they had plugged in those engine block heaters! LOL). 
So I paid $9 for this old barn. It's kind of beat up, but sometimes you just have to thrift something and there it was and we all know I have a weakness for old barns.

All the blocks are missing.
I also picked up one of those fisher price little people princess klip klop pony stable things. It was brand new in the target box still, and even though the kids just got a load of new toys, we needed entertainment!
Aside from fighting over the one horse that was with  it, the not twin terrors LOVE this thing. I will admit it is pretty cool how they have managed to make those horses walk down those ramps with no batteries or moving parts.

And that's all the news there is here. The calendar for January is shockingly full and I have about 4 craft/sewing things I need to GET ON RIGHT NOW, so off with me.



  1. That barn is hella cute. I would have brought that home too.

  2. We also just ended the LONGEST BREAK EVER! My son went back to college on Sunday and Maddie back to school on Monday. Brian came home in the middle of the day yesterday and I told him to leave until 5 :-)



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