Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cheeks turns 4, Hapde Burfday Sammi girl

 Goodness. 4 years ago today my precious chubby cheeked girl was born.
 After years of miscarriages, the loss of her twin, weeks of laboring and walking miles in the cold and snow to try and get her to come - there she was. The most perfect, beautiful little girl I had ever seen.

I sobbed like there was no tomorrow. My miracle girl.
 I spent her whole first year just staring at her. Drinking her up. (age 1)
 She is a mini me in so many ways. (age 2)
 And yet she gets more and more awesome each year. (Age 3)
 And today she is FOUR!
 A growing up girl.
 Full of spunk.
 And crazy.
But still little enough to be my sweet baby girl.

Dear Sammi,

As you turn four, you are:
*a social butterfly. You make friends EVERYWHERE we go.
*starting to eat fruits and vegetables! This has been a long process but this week you ate both peas AND a whole orange wedge all on your own. Yipppeee!
*running everywhere. You never walk. Ever.
*still a gross motor skills kid. You like riding a bike, rolling in your truck, swinging on swings, climbing on everything.
*Starting to write your name.
*getting a much better grasp on letters and numbers and counting.  This week while watching tv I heard you shout that 5 - 3 is 2!  You didn't realize it, but you are doing math.
*Not so keen on being alone. You ask every day if it is "a school day" so you know whether or not you can sleep in Jack's room with him. Yesterday I found you passed out in his bed while he was off somewhere else.
*finally having a growth spurt. After years of still being able to wear 24 months clothes you have rocketed into a size 4.
*Weigh 35 lbs (exactly the same as Grant, btw)
*wanting to grow your hair as long as it will go, like Rapunzel you know
*still in LOVE with playing with costumes and dress up clothes.
*still changing your clothes at least 20 times in general
*in love with fashion in general. You notice other people's clothes, you like your clothes to match mine, and you are very good at coordinating with no help
*learning to wash your own hair! No more crying over water on your face
*playing with ponies and princesses and playdoh but also trains and legos. You like to play "doctor station" with grant.
*fighting less with Grant and learning to help him when he is hurt or sad
*You had your first sleepover at Christmas time with your cousin Maggie, what fun!
*learning to use scissors. You do an amazing job at cutting out the pictures you like and gluing them onto paper. You can do this for hours.
*always the first one to offer compliments to everyone, from waitresses in restaurants to me! (you really appreciate the quilts)
*pretty awful at sharing. Don't worry, I was too, in fact, I am still not great at it
*pretty bossy. Don't worry, I am too, people get over it
*still biting! argh, this is awful

I love you baby girl. I often feel like I am missing out on you a bit. Wedged in between the boys, who are both pretty damn demanding, it's easy to find you at the end of the line. But I feel so damn lucky to get to enjoy you growing up. Don't let anyone talk you out of your spunk baby girl. Women do not need to be wallflowers.

Love, mama

P.S. Jackson just tried to wipe a booger on her and she yelled, "I am going to wipe pickles and sauce on you!" LOLOLOL


  1. This post is just awesome. I love the bond that you have with Sammi. Reminds me so much of my relationship with Maddie. She is so fun to watch grow up on the blog and so entertaining. I can only begin to imagine what she must be like in person.

    Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


  2. Happy Birthday Sammi! I hope you guys had a wonderful day! It has been fun seeing Sammi and the boys grow up!

  3. Little Miss Personality Plus! :) It has been so fun to watch her grow up. Her smile looks like it just lights up a room!

  4. What a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday, Sammi-may you have many, many more happy times in this old world!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Sammi!

  6. FOUR??? How can that be already? Next thing, you'll be posting that she's getting married. She's such a little cutie -- you lucky mama!!!


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