Sunday, January 18, 2015

Flea Market Sunday

Let's try and get things back to normal around here, eh? Today I am FINALLY free of most of the pain, so I am trying to *unfuck* my house. I can see the counters again!  The laundry is in the wash! The Christmas lights are off the house!

The flea market was not that great this week, despite my VERY high hopes.  Some of this stuff is from thrifting too.

A pile of glass garland, I need to go put it all away when I get done here, it is still in the jars on the counter.
One not so old and one old candy box - already on the mantle for Valentine's Day.
One HUGE floral egg.  Usually I pass on the floral ones, but this was cheap and big!
Man I love this. It's not old and it was never finished (it needs a propeller on the back to make it work), but I love it as folk art. I had Dave hang it above our French doors as is.
Cowboy up! Still collecting some Western things in case I decide on a room for Grant when he turns three. (This year! Three already!)
And a lovely snail trail/drunkards path/whatever you want to call it quilt.
I also joined instagram a few weeks back, if you are into that sort of thing.  (makinprojiks) Mostly I post the kids or an occasional sewing project, but really I am  using it as quilt and fabric porn. SO MUCH LOVELY TO LOOK AT! Better than pinterest really, at least in that drooling aspect.

With that I am off. I MUST finish my swap project today and I MUST pay some attention to the shop, which has been totally neglected since I was injured.

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. Loving that folk art. A great rescue. Crushing on those valentine boxes too. Looking forward to following you on IG. It's addictive. I've been posting there more than the blog.

  2. Those candy boxes! Swooning. I am debating on getting out my Valentine's Day decorations this year. We are in the process of remodeling the back part of the house and it's hard for me to justify bringing them out when there is so much chaos going on around them. Glad you are doing better (and that you joined IG).



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