Friday, January 02, 2015

Lucky duck

****There are only three spots remaining in the heart to heart swap!****
A few days ago I was browsing advent calendars on line hoping to find one on clearance I could buy from the comfort of the house.  This year I took our old playmobil advent calendar, stuffed the boxes with pieces from a religious themed playmobil set I thrifted a few years ago and made a make do advent for us.

Everything was still $20+ so I forgot about it.

The next day I was wandering around Goodwill when I RACED over to grab this box.  Looked inside, threw it in the cart and off I went.
A new advent calendar for next year for 79 cents! Score.

Surprisingly all the pieces were still there but one tiny little kitten. (Even the directions so I could get everything back in the right boxes).

If you know how tiny those playmobil pieces are, then you know that *is* a miracle!

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