Sunday, January 25, 2015

Road tripping flea market Sunday

Yesterday Dave and I took a road trip to Springfield MO with NO children. 

Many years ago we went down there for their world's largest garage sale event, and I remembered that I did find some things there (sadly the photos have been removed from the service I used to post to them to the blog, so I wasn't 100% sure what I bought).  Then this week I saw someone's fabric purchase from a fabric outlet in town there.  When I realized the yard sale was this weekend plus I was already itching to go to that fabric outlet, I rounded up my mom to watch the kids and we planned a little road trip.

It's a darn long trip down there. 3.5 hours. When we finally arrived we had to sit in line for 45 minutes to get into the expo center parking lot. (Where for some totally unknown reason they had all but one gate closed, they were parking all over the grass taking hours and yet the parking lot itself looked like this??? BIZARRE.)

Then you had to wait in line at least another 20 minutes to buy a ticket.  Oy, this was not going well.

Once inside it was SO CROWDED. I cannot even find words in the English language for HOW CROWDED it was in there.  Everyone is just moving in this very slow moving herd where you cannot move or get out to get into a booth and you are just shoved together in this weird salmon swimming stream experience. Expect they are all bitching more than salmon. LOL

I happen to be pretty claustrophobic.  It was okay until it started to get SO HUMID in there from so many people breathing and I really needed to breathe some air that no other (so many sick) person had breathed. Heh.

Anyway. I have to write that down so that the next time I get this crazy ass idea I can really remember what it was like.

What did I buy?
This is a dark, inside my house photo, but this is a lovely wallpaper. Pearlescent white with pink and red and flowers and polka dots!
And this wallpaper is an antique restoration paper. I have a piece of it hanging in my bedroom right now. I have been wanting to wallpaper part of the bedroom FOREVER but paper is so darn expensive! 

These are both Brunschwig & Fils papers, which is not cheap stuff. There is a LOT left on the rolls, so maybe I finally have some paper to do that with!  (And $2 a roll is my kind of price.)

These both came from a thrift store, not the crazy crowded sale.
These old light bulb covers did come from the sale. I think they make beautiful flowers. I plan to use them like this as light shades on some wall sconces in our bedroom.
You cannot tell the scale here, but these are TINY German deer antlers. They are about 3 inches long. AMAZING!  And that carved plaque! I bought these from a very German woman (named Elsa, no less) who brings back antiques from Germany.  I was totally in love with her booth. Best one there.
Also from the crowded sale, a pile of old handmade Halloween decorations. These are from a classroom - the teacher's name is on every one of them. I love the vintage handmade charm of them.
This bucket is HEAVY. Silver plate, big enough to be a champagne bucket, but screaming to be filled with wildflowers in the summer, no?  When I picked it up the guy in that booth says to me, "that's a heavy ass bucket."  Indeed it is. LOL

So, not a lot of really awesome stuff, but the peace and quiet in my head was much needed. It gives us some time to actually discuss the children (and their issues, like Grant not sleeping at all right now) and hopefully settle some of those problems by being able TO THINK about them for a damn minute.

Now, about that fabric outlet. OH MY HELL. I was sure I died and went to heaven. Loads and loads of "name brand designer" fabric - aka Michael Miller, Riley Blake, etc. for $3 (!) a yard. I went a little crazy. I took better pictures of it all, because I want to be able to really remember what I bought down there, which  I will post tomorrow.  Because we all know I WILL BE GOING BACK THERE! (With plenty of money in my pockets. Oh yes, I will.)

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. Love a good flea market and I have been to some just like you described! Love the fabric!

  2. Discount Fabric in Springfield, Crap, you know how many times we went through Springfield when my daughter lived in Oklahoma City for 6+ years. Now that she has moved to Florida, we hardly ever go there. Wait, yes we do, we fly out of Springfield. I can't wait for the store information.

  3. Loving the heavy ass bucket. Glad you got some quite time even if it was a little chaotic in the beginning. But we will take what we can get, huh?



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