Monday, January 19, 2015

Sewing for others

Last year I came "clean" and told the preschool teachers I could sew.  If I have to do volunteer hours I might as well spend them doing something I enjoy right?
Sam's teacher asked for a class set of beanbags to use during music and movement time.

It actually took what felt like forever to make 20 beanbags, but maybe because I was being picky about them.  I made a matching bag to keep them in out of a canvas cookie bag Dave brought home from the office. I covered up the branding with coordinating fabrics. (Should've taken a before picture, but by then it was almost 10 pm.)

I made them out of felt and raw edge appliqued on dinosaur squares from some dino fabric I had in the stash. I figure the felt might hold up longer? 

Sam has complained that she doesn't like the dinosaurs and doesn't want a dinosaur. LOL  I sort of purposefully chose something that works for both boys AND girls and would hopefully avoid bickering.

Here's hoping, eh?

I just put the last bit of hot glue on my Heart to Heart ornaments too.  Progress you shall  be mine this week!

Off to cut sashing for the baby quilt while the kids play outside in our unusually warm weather. :-)

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  1. I am feverishly at work on my ornaments. I bit off a little more than I should have but I am pretty sure it will get done in time. That bean bag game is adorbs


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