Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The paint elephant

 Yesterday the children managed to rip another of my living room shelves right off the wall.

I am not going to lie - I cried. It was only five years ago that we COMPLETELY remodeled our house. Five short years.

And the children are wrecking everything.  The walls are filthy. There is crayon on things, pencil on things, gauges in the floors, trim falling off, holes in the walls.

We could use a total redo already.

That kills me. (And it is not for lack of my hollering at them to STOP IT, plus living with nothing to write with, no scissors to cut with, etc to keep them out of everything.)

Since literally EVERY SINGLE ROOM needs fresh paint, I decided I had better just start by painting something instead of being overwhelmed.
So the back of the kitchen peninsula went from blue (which was just so filthy I could not even clean it anymore)
to green. I still need to do the trim there. I didn't bother trying to paint neatly because the condition of the trim is awful. (See the missing piece on the corner?)

It's something, but man it is only a small bite of the paint elephant.

The real problem  is this - how on earth do you even paint with all these small kids? I mean I just cannot even get my head around the logistics of it. Oy.

Next up is the dining room I think. Then foyer, then hiring out the master bath.

Send brownies. Or Nannies? Yes, nannies. Send those please!


  1. I seriously wished we lived closer. I'd loan you my 16 year old to keep your kiddos away while you paint. She'd gladly babysit.

  2. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for getting that painted. We just finished Maddie's bedroom remodel and I wanted to pull my hair out the entire time! I don't know how in the heck you did it with those little ones.

    Love the paint color you chose!



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