Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A little Valentine decor

Grant and Samantha just had a HUGE fight over a pair of sunglasses. I made her return them to him, he turns on the tv, I turn it back off and tell him it is not tv time, so what does he do? He breaks the sunglasses he was crying over into a million pieces. On purpose.

And now I have two screaming, yelling, raging small people.

Good times that.

(Wait until he discovers that now the much coveted glasses are garbage.)

Before all hell broke loose, we were taking down the Valentine's decorations.

The foyer trees. (The kids have broken my cabinet so the door no longer closes. Honestly, I could totally start a "shit my kids have ruined" blog with as much crap as they break on a daily basis.)
I definitely needed to move to two trees this year. And yes, some are lying on the table. See the kid problems above.

I pulled these sweet fabric flowers out of a totally tacky 1960s plastic floral arrangement. I really meant to make them into the blog header photo, but yea, who has time for that.
My candy box collection is officially as big as the mantle can hold!

I am off to try and calm the wildebeests. ~~

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  1. Is it wrong that sometimes I feel like I want to act out like Grant :-)

    Love the new blog header!



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