Monday, February 16, 2015

Baby pinwheel quilt version 2

As soon as I told my dad I had the first baby quilt done he said he needed a second!

I still had almost enough blocks left over to make another one. I just made a few more and then put another quilt together.

I had less color choices left in my Riley Blake 10 inch stacker, so this one is not as colorful. I told my dad that, but he didn't seem to care.
Because your eye seems to go immediately to the red block, I used a red for the binding. I had to wait a long while for more of this binding to arrive, but I felt it was perfect. Red, black, pink, aqua and triangles?  I hope it helps bring it all together.

And about that sashing seam - I realized after I finished the first quilt that part of  my bias problem is that I cut the sashing fabric long ways to avoid having a seam.  I had followed another quilt pattern once that cut ALL the fabric that way and didn't think much of it.  Yea, wrong. It makes horrible bias cuts. Better to live with the seams, and an important quilting lesson learned!
This one got a dotty fabric on the back because I was short of white.
The finished pair together! (The second one is slightly larger because I used the larger sashing.)

I have already started cutting pieces for my next quilt, which is also a very special gift.

It is FINALLY snowing here, so maybe I will get time to sew. Not.

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