Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Heart to Heart 2015 Part 2

I have to go back to the dentist again today. Man. I need this part to be over so I can get over the trauma of this mess. :/

Let's look at the last of the valentines instead of thinking about teeth, okay?

These sweet hearts were a contribution from a new swapper, Kimberley.
Beth B. made altered textile art spools. Each of these was different and it was so hard to choose!  The cameo on this one won me over...
And then I spotted this be mine. Awesome!

 Right now mine is wrapped around the bottom of my tree. I really want to move it up so it covers up that middle brace, but I haven't gotten back to it.
Michaele from Twigs and Tulle has been working out her crochet skills.
Isn't her heart cute?
Michelle & Ashley were the first to send their swap box this year. I KNEW when I saw these darling gumball ornaments it was going to be a great swap year!
Beth is a super crafter. Honestly. When I open hers I want to secretly steal them all away for myself, and this year was no exception.
Sam made me hang this adorable, sparkly whale of a gem down low where she can admire it every day.
Look at these goofballs! (When did Jack get big enough to tote the little kids around like this?)
Thank you so much to everyone who participated this year. 
If you missed out - we sign up every year right after Christmas (in my etsy shop).  And we do another swap for Halloween in September. 
*****I hear the pleas to add a third swap. I am still thinking on it.  Maybe something patriotic in high summer?  I might be down with that. You?

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  1. I hope everything goes well at the dentist for you. I really enjoyed participating in my first Valentine Swap and love the items I received in return. If you want the real story behind my Valentine project you can check it out here...http://bluedavenportstreet.blogspot.com/2015/01/ships-ahoy-valentine.html...I sometimes wondered what I got myself into lol. I would also be up for a patriotic swap...a little break in between and enough time to think of what to make!


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